MSIPME TF-45 Low Production / High Mix Thermoforming Machine











Max product size: L x W x H: 60” (1524mm) X 21” (533mm) X 3” (76.2mm)

Overall footprint of machine: 33’L X 8’ W X 14’H (10.1m X 2.5m X4.4m)

Capacity = 45KG per hour dry weight

Drops per min (DPM) = 2

Power consumption = 240Kw/h estimated

Estimated Water loss = 3.09L per hr. of operation estimated

Voltage = 480V3ph60hz (others available upon request)

Price: Please contact us for details

Including 1 week of start up and training

Excludes mould tooling, shipping, taxes and duty

Automated transfer to a dryer for type 2 (industrial packaging); and various styles of dryers are available upon request.

For a quick look at an actual MSIPME TF-45 system in action, please view the video below.

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