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Thermoforming Development Lab Machine

General Specifications

The MSIPME-TF Lab machine is a portable, self-contained unit for forming and drying thin walled food services and specialty packaging
products. The system has been specifically designed for the development of thermoformed products in a lab environment. Using customer supplied
tooling the system can make samples parts up to 12” X12”X 3” in height (300X300x76 mm). All menus and variables are adjustable and controlled
via a touch screen mounted to the system.

Note: Mould, Transfer and Press tooling can be quoted upon request.

1.  Moulding System (Wet Forming Area): 12”X 12” (300mm X 300mm) tool mounting plate with quick change features.

2. Transfer tool: (manual transfer/staging): Quick change tooling capability

3. Press System: (hot press drying) Air/oil Press with quick change tooling capability

4. Pre-Separator: 30 gallon (113.5L) custom designed tank with all appropriate gauges, valves and fittings, level sensors and manual drain

5. Vacuum Pump: 10 HP system mounted with a post separator and all required valves, gauges and fittings.
(Customer to provide service water for seal ring at 3.7 gallons per minute (16.8 litres per minute) city water.
(Option: self contained water chiller can be supplied)

6. Air reservoir: is a 20 gallon (75.6L) single tank mounted to the base and is certified pressure vessels with manual drain valves and all
required fitting, gauges and sensors.

7. Actuated control valves and manual valves: are Festo, FBW and Shubert and Salzer or equiv. All piping fittings and valves are 304L
stainless steel. All others for fresh water and compressed air are galvanized mild steel with brass fitting as applicable.

8. Finishes: All none wetted parts will be black oxide or equivalent, all mild steel fabrications will be primed and painted
“Ming Emerald Green”. (others available upon request)

9. Electrical: The system will require a single point hookup for power pluggable 230V connector. All motors in the wet area will be wash
down capable. The programmable logic controller will be Allen Bradley or equiv. The control voltage will be 24VDC all enclosures will be IP64, all wiring and
termination will be MSIPME standard. The machine interface will be a 7” (177.8mm) touch screen display; system mounted. The display will be configured
with several screens to monitor the system as well as change process variables.

Max product size: L x W x H: 12” (300mm) X 12” (300mm) X 3” (79mm)

Overall footprint of machine: 90”L X 50” W X 91”H (2.28m X 1.24m X 2.4m)

Capacity = .5KG per hour dry weight(Customer supplied)

Estimated Drops per hour  = 20

Power consumption = 3.9kW/hr (15-17A)

Estimated Water loss = 19L per hr of operation

Voltage = 240V3ph60hz 60 Amp Pluggable connection

Price: Contact MSIPME

Excludes mould tooling and press tooling, shipping, taxes and duty.







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