The MSIPME 1-150, is one of the most flexible pulp moulding systems in the world. Using a combination of robotic technology, centralized process control and system monitoring, it delivers one of the most repeatable pulp preparations and moulding machines available in the marketplace. The overall system is configured into three zones: pulp preparation, mould and transfer and lastly drying. The innovative use of servo motors for positioning, robotic transfer and automatic tool change allows the end user to rapidly produce low volume, high mix moulded fibre products with minimum down time for tool changes. With all these integrated features the end user is able to quickly gain on the ROI as well as provide pulp moulded products to the market place efficiently.

The pulp preparation is comprised of a vertical lift material loader complete with a weight monitoring unit for dry weight measurement. The material loader is integrated onto a batch pulping unit; the pulper uses a PS or Volkes style defibering rotor combined with an extraction plate to blend the raw material with water to create a 4-6% consistency (pulp to water). The pulp is then blended with water to further reduce the consistency to .75 to 1.5 percent via two servo driven pumps to ensure the proper ratio mix prior to entering the forming vat. All storage tanks (pulp, white water and head tanks) are manufactured using stainless steel for longevity, and have top mounted mixers to keep the material agitated prior to forming. Each tank is fitted with low and high level sensors for process monitoring prior to the moulding process. All piping is stainless steel tube or pipe with NPT fittings, and all control valves are constructed from stainless steel or brass as required.

The single head rotary moulding system is designed to accommodate platens ranging from 19 1/2” (500mm) to incremental lengths of 48” (1200mm) 60” (1500mm) and 71” (1800mm). With this flexibility the system lends itself to easy adaptability to many low volumes, high mix moulded products. The moulding system features quick change tooling using precision locating devices as well as a static sealing system to ensure minimum vacuum loss during the “forming” process. MSIPME can customize the platens to meet your needs. All wetted components in the system are manufactured from stainless steel and all carbon steel is painted to customer specified colours. The moulding tank will be two tiered construction with a storage tank in the back which will supply pulp to an elevated shallow half barrel tank where the moulds will be introduced (the tank depth will be designed to accommodate the tallest product plus clearance). The pulp stock is circulated within the tank via a centrifugal pump; the shallow tank level is maintained with a “weir “type overflow. The systems is designed with an automatic deckle and die wash system, where high pressure water is used to clean the moulding tool face after each cycle. A mineral oil spray system is located in the robot area for lubrication on demand of the transfer tool.

The moulded products (trays) are removed from the moulding dies via transfer tooling mounted a six axis robot.  The robot is infinitely programmable, different products can be easily programmed to pick up and drop off in different positions with complete control of acceleration and deceleration, this allows unique product patterns during the drying process, and maximizing the useful area of the oven belt.

The Vacuum system is designed to industry standards with post and pre-separators to ensure maximum efficiency and proper ACFM flow to optimize the water removal from the product as it is processed thus reducing the energy required in the dryer.

MSIPME will supply a drying system for the pulp moulding system. The dryer will be a single pass system. The oven will be fired by natural gas with a maximum operating temperature of 175C-200C. The ovens will be comprised of one to three zones depending on the anticipated product mix for control and temperature regulation.  The belt will be made from a stainless steel flat wire mesh construction to allow for efficient air flow through the belt.  The system will be designed to process maximum 150Kg/hr (dry weight) removing 600L/hr of water. (4:1 wet/dry ratio).

System Options:

-  Pulp Preparation- Batch Pulper, Storage tanks, White water tanks, Agitators, valves and Pumps, controls and integration.
-  Pulp preparation-Centralized pulper, Storage tanks, White water Tanks, Agitators, valves and pumps, controls and integration.
-  Refiners and Cyclone stock cleaners.
- Automatic tool change system.
- Tool storage system.
- Programmable wet press.
- Automatic wet press tool change system.
- Data Collection system.
- Hot press, conveyors and diverters
- Tray Stackers and wrapping
- Robotic and pick and place material handling
- Printing and labeling
- Start up training and support and installation
- Preventative maintenance service
- Complete factory solutions

For a quick look at an actual MSIPME 1-150 system in action, please view the video below.